Environmental Responsibility

At Peak we strive to minimize the environmental footprint by recycling waste wherever possible. We achieve over 80% diversion from land fill sites with waste originating from construction sites. We are committed to reducing the impact on the environment, therefore; we will attempt to recycle when possible.

Regardless of whether a project requires recycling or not we will always take your waste to a licensed facility that recycles the waste that they receive.

We have the ability to sort waste at source by providing separate bins for the following when possible:

  • Drywall
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Metal

For mixed construction waste we have made a conscious decision to divert the maximum possible waste from the landfill by taking the waste to a recycler. The facility that we use recovers in excess of 75% of the waste we impart. This reduces what goes into our land fills and reduces the environmental footprint left by our clients.

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